Friday, January 22, 2016

Upcoming Reavis Ranch Backpacking Trip Gear List

The time is quickly approaching, seven more days and this heap of gear that I have been collecting over the months will finally get put to good use. Thought I would share my gear list to allow others to either offer suggestions or simply comment on the gear. In addition, I figure I would share where I purchased these items since at the time of purchase, these companies were the cheapest out there.

Storage Shed
On The Trail
Personal Safety
Of course there are a bunch of other odds and ends that I will not bore you with, such as toothpaste, toilet paper, snacks, ect.

As a side note, I only recently came across and am thrilled that I did, I cannot recommend them enough. The customer service, pricing, product lines, ect. are amazing, so much so that I check their site first when I need something. I have even ordered comparable products when they may not of had an item in stock just so I could get it from them.

Feel free to post your comments below as well as check back often for reviews of the equipment I use.